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Since metals can be infinitely recycled, they are becoming the material of choice for the environmentally savvy. But why are different metals used to build different things?  Is the best metal the lightest or the strongest or both? Which is the easiest metal to reuse or recycle? These are some of the questions that metallurgists help to answer!

We need future metallurgists like you to help us decide how to design a sustainable pedal bike. At our stand, you will learn about metals by trying to design and test a bike frame. You will start by looking at different metals and what metals would be good for making bikes. We will share how we use computer modelling to test the bikes virtually, to reduce waste and ensure they would be sustainable. Learn about the different ways metal can be made, including forging and extruding. Then test the strength of the materials you are using to make sure the bike will be safe.

All these activities are hands on, with learning and fun for everyone!


10:00 – 16:00


7-10 years.


Manchester Central Library Performance Space

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