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What are nanomaterials? Come and find out and discover a world a billion times smaller than the world you are used to!

This tiny world of atoms and molecules has a big impact on the things we use every day.

Nanomaterials are in our sunscreen protecting us from the Sun’s rays, applied to clothes to make them waterproof and even make car paint easier to clean. They are key components of our phones and computers, but we are not the only ones to use nanotechnology! Many things in nature have used nanomaterials long before we did. Tiny nanostructures in the wings of butterflies and peacocks cause exotic colours to be visible. These natural nanomaterials continue to inspire scientists and engineers to create new materials.

You will be able to take part in hands-on demonstrations of the properties of nanomaterials in peacock feathers, chemical reactions, magnetic fluids and much more. Learn what future technologies may be possible by using nanomaterials and maybe one day you will be the one to invent a new material.


10:00 – 16:00


Suitable for 4+ children. Children below 5 may need adult supervision.


Manchester Central Library Performance Space

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