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Gyroscopes are amazing devices that have the ability to maintain their position even when everything else is moving around them. This makes them vital for use in guidance systems, for example the Hubble space telescope has 6 gyroscopes to maintain its precise position.

Frisbees use the gyroscopic effect to remain stable in the air and it is this quality that we want to explore with you.

In this activity, you can experience the peculiar ways that gyroscopes move. Our gyroscope has a modular or ‘Lego like’ structure so you can build it in different ways. You will learn how different configurations can demonstrate spin (called precession), and wobble (nutation) and even do some tricks, balancing the gyroscope on a string or on your fingertips.


10:00 – 16:00


+3. Older children need adult supervision.


Manchester Central Library Performance Space

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