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Get a microscopic view of blood flowing through blood cells to see how water helps blood flow smoothly through blood vessels. Learn all about how important water is our bodies.

  • Observe blood through a capillary microscope to see that blood contains lots of water
  • Learn how it is important to be well hydrated for blood to flow around your body ·
  • Observe changes in the bladder as we urinate using an ultrasound

This video gives an insight into where we find water in the body including using an ultrasound machine to observe changes in the bladder and the stomach when water is drunk.


Suitable for ages 7 - 14

Activity Information

Watch the video to find out where we find water in the body.

Disclaimer: The University of Manchester’s Science and Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub assume no liability with regard to injuries or damage to property that may occur as a result of engaging in the Great Science Share for Schools. This campaign is designed to be carried out by children working with an adult. The adult is fully responsible for ensuring the activities are carried out safely. You can access the CLEAPSS website for up to date health and safety information when planning practical activities for children

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