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What are MOFs? You may not have heard of them, but scientists are excited because they could help clean up the world by doing things like controlling air pollution and providing alternative fuel for cars. Learn about MOFs and have fun as you try and navigate your way through our Escape Room or take a tour of the lab.

Visit the escape room!

Cartoon of people wearing facemasks against a backdrop of a smoking power plant


Suitable for ages 14+.

Activity Information

Have a go at escaping from our escape room!

Here are some handy hints on how to navigate through the escape room.

  • You can look around the rooms in the lab. Click and drag on where you want to go to move around.
  • The information you need to solve a puzzle might be in a different room, or you might have to search for something on the internet. If you get stuck, have another look around or press the ‘Hint’ button in the top right corner.
  • One of the puzzles sends you to a website where you chat by text with a YouTuber – this is just part of the game and this isn’t a real person, the replies are from a type of computer program called a bot. Nobody is seeing or storing your messages.

Visit the escape room.

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